Membership Spotlight

Membership Spotlight
Elyse Nicholson
Marketing Coordinator, Iron-A-Way

Elyse Nicholson is the Marketing Coordinator at Iron-A-Way in Morton, IL, and has been working in this role for over a year now. Previously, she spent eight years as a freelance journalist in the Central Illinois area, and also did contract photography and graphic design work for small area businesses.

The sole member of the marketing department at Iron-A-Way, Elyse is responsible for all graphics and literature for the company, as well as general press releases, content creation, and social media. She also completes much of the company’s photography needs. Working within a small company, her role encompasses many hats, including customer service calls, dealer mailings and inquiries, and other general tasks. 

She was previously a member of PRA when working freelance in the area and just recently re-joined the organization.