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bang for your buck

The BanG for your Buck Award highlights excellence among campaigns that have shined on a budget of $1,000 or less.

To enter, submit the following information:
Name and type of business
Name of person/team being nominated along with titles
Contact information for submission


Title of Campaign
State purpose of the campaign
State objectives of the campaign
State the start and end date of the campaign.
Who was the target audience of this campaign?
What innovative ideas were incorporated into this campaign?
What was the total expenditure of this campaign?
Why do you consider this campaign to be successful?
Please submit samples of any supporting materials.

Submissions are due Monday, April 15, 2019.
Please send your submission to pracentillinois@gmail.com, or drop it off to PRA Board Member Liz Gunty at Bradley University's Comstock Hall, 1502 W. Bradley Ave., Peoria.