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brilliant ideas that never saw the light of day

Do you have a social media campaign that never made it to your account, a mail piece that was going to wow openers but didn’t get to the mail room, or maybe a video that didn’t get the corporate office approval? There are brilliant ideas out there, and some don’t get to make it to the spotlight. We want to hear them.

To enter, please submit the following:

Name and type of business

Name of person/team being nominated along with titles

Contact information for submission


A brief description of the entry objectives, including its purpose and intended audience. Include any research done to help identify the need for this project.

Provide a brief description of your target audience.

Provide a brief description of the project strategy including methods of communications, messages and any other activities related to the campaign.

Provide a brief description of the proposed tactics for circulation/distribution, the techniques, design considerations, tools and other resources used to achieve the project’s objectives.

Provide a brief description of how the plan was to be executed, timelines, length of the campaign, etc.

Supply all creative associated with this proposed campaign.

Submissions are due Monday, April 15, 2019.
Please send your submission to pracentillinois@gmail.com, or drop it off to PRA Board Member Liz Gunty at Bradley University's Comstock Hall, 1502 W. Bradley Ave., Peoria.