5 Questions With: Cheryl Bockhold-Sloan


Manager of Marketing and Public Relations Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria

What’s a fun fact you wish people knew about Peoria International Airport?
We work with the USDA for assistance with wildlife control (animals, wildlife and planes don’t mix). They help us modify our habitat to keep wildlife off airport property, and ironically, the person assigned to us is named “Hunter.”

What's the strangest day of your career?
Sitting in the cockpit of a 747 trying not to touch or break any of the controls! 

At work, you're the one most likely to . . .
Fill the silence. I am a promoter in style so I try to assist conversations, fill awkward silence or lighten the mood. This can be annoying to others! 

Afternoon caffeine go-to?
Dunkin’ large caramel iced coffee, skim milk, no sugar. 

Favorite quiet escape to recharge?
Home Goods, Marshall’s or Target

PRA of Central Illinois