What are Member Spotlights?

You may be wondering... "What are member spotlights?" Well, you're in the right place! Chosen randomly at each monthly meeting, member spotlights give PRA members the opportunity to share more about themselves and their profession while opening the door for new connections. When chosen, a PRA board member will reach out to you and ask you to give us insight into the following: 

1. Name and Headshot. We all need a little help putting faces to names once in a while. 

2. Workplace and title. We want to know who you represent, and we're sure your company will love the shoutout, too.

3. A little bit about YOU. What is your job? What do you love about being a communications professional? This is your chance to lay it all out! 

4. Connections you are looking to make. Need a freelance graphic designer, someone to bounce social media ideas off of? Let us know here. You never know who might be reading! 

5. Ways to get in touch. Whether it's your email address or your Linkedin account, we don't want to let those potential connections go to waste. Let us know how others in the community can connect with you.